Legend Axis have 12+ years of experience.

Company Name: L-AXIS LTD.


Type: IT & Business Consulting Firm

Mostly Known AS: World's 1st IT & Business Consulting Firm

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.”

Based on those four sequences The Axis we believe got genesis. Time > Decision > Plan > Execution

The Consequence is Axis of Legend. Legend Axis = L-Axis And in case you're interested, here's the Pronunciation: EL-Ekzis. Because we know well, You wish to construct your desire into REALITY as it is & expand that to the whole world.

**A stitch in time saves nine. Confirming proper case study can ensure the operational efficiency of TIME. By intersecting the ideas of Users & Engineers determine the exact point of DECISION. **A Goal without a plan is just a wish. Analyzing all the previous reports specifically is the key to innovate the best PLAN. Success is where Time, Decision & Plan meet for EXECUTION.

L-Axis have 12+ years of experience.

Since 2009 L-Axis IT & Business Consulting Firm is providing world class Business Solution around the globe. Currently, L-Axis has decided to take part on developing Business sector of Bangladesh especially than ever before.


We make reliable satisfy customer everyday

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